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Position Details: Super Teacher

Location: Banglore, karnatak
Openings: 2
Salary Range: 15000 - 25000




Do you want to become a super teacher of eduladder? 

Eduladder is a community of students teachers and programmer just interesting help students to pass any exams.

So we are building a database of study materials with the help of the community.


We are having 5-10 K visitors a day we are having two lakh of visitors in a month. 


We decided to introduce video sections for the student to understand subjects more easily and clearly. If you are passionate about teaching and want to earn little etc out of your usual working hours we can help that dream to become true.


Present some videos regarding any of these subjects


And upload the same to our platform


Here are the rewards for you


If your video is well and good we will invite you to make a full course from a to z where you will get paid 5-10 K in three hours of video 


As a teacher.

You should not be afraid to try something creative

You should not be afraid of change

You should be a super teacher.


Then we will help you to spread your style of teaching all across the globe at the right price. Want to try your luck today?


If you want any other help request a call from

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